FAC Licensing & Applications

To possess and use firearms in the UK you need to hold a Firearms Certificate (FAC). The basic criteria required to hold an FAC is that you must have good reason for owning the particular firearm required and that you must have somewhere to use it.

In the case of target shooting both these requirements are met by being a full member of a home office approved club that takes part in shooting disciplines for which the type of firearm applied for is used.

This is not a speedy process. Any person wishing to take up target shooting as a sport will first need to apply to a club for probationary membership. They will need to inform the relevant police force for their area of their application via a form. The police will then conduct a series of checks and contact the club secretary and authorise the applicant if suitable. The applicant may not attend the club and be in the presence of firearms until this has been received.

These links below show where these forms can be found:

In the case of WARPC the next stage is to apply in writing to the membership secretary at, membership@warpc.org. Once this has been successfully accepted the applicant may then shoot using the club rifles. A six month probationary period must then be served during which time the applicant will undergo instruction in the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) ‘Safe Shooting System’ and be subject to continual assessment. If suitable the applicant will then progress to full membership and if successful will be supported in their application for a Firearm Certificate from the links above.

Once issued a certificate will normally last for five years after which time it will need to be renewed.