Cotswolds Shoots – 2024

For 2024 the club continues to work with a the private shooting centre in the Cotswolds, with several events for the club to attend.

After the success of the shoots in 2023 more will be planned in 2024, for more information, check the Events page.

The standard plan is to meet at the carpark in Notgrove (What3words width.flash.scribbled) at around 9am.

Shooting will be from 10am to 2pm with zeroing at 200yds and steel targets out to 600yds.
Getting to the shooting position requires a 4×4 ideally but we will share transport where possible to get everyone into position. Firing position is shown in blue below.

Please use moderators if you have them. Unmoderated rifles can be used but this is at Cotswolds Shooting discretion. Up to .30 cal can be shot.

The meeting point can be found by entering the following postcode into satnavs or Google maps:

GL54 3BS


The meeting point is the carpark opposite The Nuttery CafĂ©, at Notgrove – using either the above postcode or below online mapping links.

What3Words location link:

Google Maps Location:

The firing point has two picnic benches to shoot from. Alternatively the shooting is from a grass plateau which drops away to the front of the range.
Yellow flags mark out the left and right ark of fire. There are metal targets, including a life size deer and fox . All will be pointed out to attending shooters on a short range brief prior to shooting.