Here at WARPC we like to encourage a variety of disciplines providing an exciting schedule for all shooters, regardless of their skill level. Many of the clubs members have decades of experience and are more than willing to offer advice on the appropriate shooting styles or techniques.

10-25 Yards

These shoots provide the ideal opportunity to sight up new guns and practice your technique. Rounds are fired prone, kneeling or standing depending on what the majority of the members wish to do at the time.

Fullbore 100-600 Yards

Fullbore Target Rifles are fired from a prone position, outdoors at distances from 100 yards to 600 yards. This is conducted primarily at Kingsbury Rifle Range and Whittington Rifle Range. The ammunition used can be purchased from either firearms dealers or the club armourer. Fullbore Shooters are normally expected to spend half of their time shooting, the other half tending the targets and marking each shot. On a normal event the opportunity to shoot at various distances is available and is chosen by the shooters on the day.

Black Powder Pistol

This is now one of the few permitted forms of pistol shooting in the UK. Muzzle Loading Pistols are potentially as accurate as their modern counterparts though their rate of fire is much slower. Shooting may be conducted with original period pistols or with modern replicas.